Blogworld: 10 Critical Mistakes Killing Profits and Brand Growth

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Blogworld: 10 Critical Mistakes Killing Profits and Brand Growth

Speakers: Marcus Sheridan

The speaker is very enthusiastic and engaging


He used to be a pool guy.

Businesses don’t think like consumers. They use acronyms that don’t mean anything to anyone.

If you want to be successful and have pillars of content and ask your employees what is a question they get everyday.

We don’t think in terms of questions and and titles of blog posts.

Go to a meeting with potential client and listen to every question they ask.

The moment you become a listener you will gather content like crazy.

Google is “All light truth and knowledge”. In Google We Trust.

We ask Google anything and everything. Even stuff we wouldn’t ask anyone else.

You have to be the person willing to answer those questions for your industry.

Top 5 Fiberglass Problems and Solutions

1 – 2% of sites talk price. You should be in that percentage.

Stop fooling yourself that your competitors don’t know what your stuff costs. Put it on your site. Make it a blog article.

He uses HubSpot.

We literally invite people in and then tell them to go away to the competitor.





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