Blogworld: Platform Get Noticed in a Noisy World

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Blogworld: Platform Get Noticed in a Noisy World

Speakers: Michael Hyatt


Content is King but Platform is Queen


Platform provides a way for people to see you – visibility

Amplification – Everyone has a megaphone.

Connection – social media has made possible bi-media relevancy.


Previously you had to spend money to get noticed whereas today you can reach an audience through social media


You can build a power personal platfrom with just 5 planks

1. Start with WOW – product has become the new marketing. Wow is the gap between customer expectation and the experience. what your customers expect to experience and what you are providing. When you exceed the expectation of your customers.

Blogging your always in permenant beta.

2. Prepare to launch – You never just launch one time. Assemble your pit crew. Make sure the people you have around you are talented in what they do.

3. Build your home base – Your website is your home base. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc is your promotional tool. Google Alert is your monitoring tool.

4. Expand your reach – Be willing to share but make sure you’re adding value. When it’s about you people aren’t interested.

5. Engage your tribe – A group with a shared passion and a leader. Apple is a tribe and Steve Jobs was the leader. Harley Davidson enthusiast is a tribe. Blogging is like inviting people to your house for dinner. You wouldn’t disappear at your own dinner party so you need to be engaged in your blog.

The 20-to-1 rule: For every withdrawal you make you need to make one deposit otherwise you won’t engage with people.

Tony Robbins fire walking “Once you start, You will finish!!”

What would a bigger platform mean for you?


Tell me the three books you are readying? Who is the Publisher?

What is the last movie you watched? Who was the studio?

What’s the last album you listened too? What was the label?

Self publishing is ok today whereas it wasn’t several years ago.







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