Blogworld: Why Responsive Design is Critical to Your Blog

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Blogworld: Why Responsive Design is Critical to Your Blog

Speaker: Mitch Canter

The standard web brought in one website to all platforms and devices. If you looked at a website in a mobile device you would have to pinch to enlarge and do a lot of scrolling.

The mobile web grows 8x faster than the desktop.

1 out of every 5 people use the mobile web daily.

Responsive design is a flexible foundation. It molds according to the device you are viewing on.

The Elastic Grid – It understands what device and platform you are viewing on and lays out the website accordingly.

Media Queries specifies the media. Instead of it determining the media it looks for the viewport. You can retrofit the old site and determine the width and layout

Moves away from a fixed width and goes toward a variable percentage.

Out & About Marketing – Responsive Design Ready

Mitch Canter – Responsive Design Ready

You can tell your images to size down according to the width available. The appropriate height will be adjusted.

960 grid is a fixed grid

The Skeleton grid takes the 960 and makes it fluid and responsive.

Golden Grid allows you to add items as the width expands. Great for people who have extra large monitors.

Famous Examples – by lores while on their boat.


Implications of responsive design

It might have been nice to use a like URL shortener but oh well.

Goal: Keep control of your website’s look.

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