Why Content is the Number One Way to Bring Traffic to Your Site.

Do you have four seconds? Most people don’t; especially when it comes to online content. That’s why copywriting is so critical. Companies that write their own copy often introduce concepts and industry terms that are unfamiliar to a general audience. Good copywriting should be read and understood by everyone from eight to eighty.

Content to Bring Increased Traffic

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Copywriting? While the traditional definition of copywriting is the use of words to promote and persuade a reader into taking action; SEO copywriting is the production of readable content with the intent to increase search engine ranking. This type of writing requires the skills to strategically place relevant keywords and phrases multiple times throughout the body of a specific page while being legible and not looking spammy. The end result is that humans and search engines are both able to comprehend the material. Search engines are able to determine the keyword relevancy and humans aren’t left feeling they read something that was repetitive and nonsensical.


When done correctly SEO content should provide knowledge for both audiences, human and search engine alike. In order to succeed the page content needs to be unique when juxtapose against competitor’s content in the search results. Copywriting that optimizes but doesn’t inform might gain increased traffic but it will lessen conversion rates. At Halyard Consulting our strategy for SEO copywriting focuses on knowledgeable articles prioritized for humans first and search engines second.


Clients often ask what I think about international outsourcing for their content creation. This question generally comes about after they’ve received a random email from someone in Thailand or India stating they have a staff of writers willing to generate a constant stream of articles at the low rate of five dollars each article. Regardless if the client is a common skilled painter or a highly trained dentist I often caution them against the use of cheap labor to produce something that in the end is going to be a reflection on them.


Take this scenario: You need new brake pads. Your mechanic can do the job for seventy-five dollars or the high school kid down the block can do it for two dollars. Which would you choose? I bet you spent the seventy-five dollars to keep you and your family safe. By the same token you want to keep your online reputation and brand safe.


Often times these international writers have low spelling skills and the grammar they produce is based on translation not conversational English. Even worse some of these outsourcing companies use scraper systems that scan the Internet looking for sentences that include your keywords. They take this data throw it into a software application similar to a meat grinder and regurgitate sentences that have no meaning.


If the idea of writing your own articles is completely out of the question, then at least do yourself the favor of hiring a reputable company that has years of experience in copywriting. Is it going to cost more than five dollars? Absolutely. Are you going to get your money’s worth when the articles start ranking for the search terms you want and the right kind of traffic is coming to your site? Definitely. At Halyard Consulting we have a proven track record and years of experience in SEO copywriting. We work with you to produce content specific to your audience.


xkcd: Excessive Quotation - Perfect Content

xkcd: Excessive Quotation - Perfect Content


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