Review Wednesday – A New Twitter Contest to Support Small Local Businesses

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The guys over at have come up with a smart way for anyone to help promote their favorite local small businesses and possibly win some cash via a Twitter contest called Review Wednesday. GetListed’s mission is to help small businesses improve their listings on the major engines, which they certainly did with this contest.

Review Wednesday

Similar to the “Follow Friday” (Hashtag #FF), GetListed is trying to go viral with “Review Wednesday” (Hashtag #RWX). Here is how it works.

  1. Leave a review for a local business on a site like Google Place, Bing, CitySearch, or Yahoo! Local. Note: Yelp does not participate in this contest as they frown on review solicitations.
  2. On Wednesday’s tweet out a link to that review with the hashtag #RWX.
  3. You automatically get entered to win a $25 gift certificate or a $25 donation to the charity of your choice.

The effect of leaving even just one review for a small business can considerably improve that company’s online reputation and search engine ranking.  After leaving a review on one of the sites, do a search to see if the business you want to recommend has a Twitter handle. If so, put together a message like this:

I just left a review for @Olgerf on Google Places #RWX

Check out the full list of eligible review websites as well as information on how winners are selected, contest rules and the terms and conditions from While the contest is specifically on Wednesday, leaving a review for a local business is great to do at anytime. Plus, the #RWX hashtag has been so successful people are using it nearly every second of everyday. Support your local businesses they produce more revenue and jobs for this nation than all the big box stores combined.


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