WordCamp NYC 2012: Developer Communication

NOTE: These are the raw notes a full article will be produced at a later date.

WordCamp NYC 2012: Developer Communication

Speaker: Mel Choyce

Developers can’t read Designers minds and vice-versa

Learn how to make that communication go smoother.

Step One: Become an easier designer to work with. Be consistent. Use typefaces and font sizing consistently throughout the website.

Keep a list of the various colors you are using. Hex colors.

Use consisting spacing, column width.

Style elements consistently. Same radiant.

Be clean. Logically organize your files.

Name your layers. Group related layers. Delete unused layers.

Use whole pixel values. Incrementally modify by whole numbers. Not 14.75 instead it should be 15.

The developer needs to be able to know what the file is before he opens it.

A good designer should know a little code.

Chrome Inspector and Firebug will help designers understand changes in code.

Learn about browser compatibility –

Progressive enhncement – It still looks good but it’s not the optimal design

Have your developer install the Theme Unit Test on your dev site (

Learn the right buzzwords. HTML5, jQuery, CSS3.

Bring your developer into the loop at the beginning of the design. Or at the very least before you show it to your client.

What does the developer want from you? PSD, JPEGs, etc.

Review your process with the developer.

Establish a protocal for doing check-ins and reviews. Find out how they want to get feedback: mock-ups, etc.

Giving handoffs to your developer. If possible give handoffs in person or skype. You don’t want to just hand it off to the developer and not review the design.

Go through the PSDs with the developer layer by layer.

Go through every interaction with the developer.

Include relevant assets like a background that repeats or fonts that you have the rights to. – Grid system with a markup logic in a PSD file and the developer has the comparative data.

starkers – Basic theme framework that allows for responsive designer.

Khoi Vinh (New York Times Designer) –

HTML5 Starkers

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