WordCamp NYC 2012: Case Study

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WordCamp NYC 2012: Case Study

Speaker: Peter Hamilton


Factual non-scripted educational television.

Clients started to age out of their careers.

3-4 years ago didn’t have the compensation, fun, and contacts in the field anymore.

Unbelievable growth in educational non-scripted TV.

Told people what it cost do a documentary. At the end of a conference they all asked for the presentation. He realized that maybe he should put out a newsletter.

He now reaches 12,000 members including industry leaders and hopeful.

The website is a loss leader to drive consulting fees, e-publications, advertising & sponsorships, transactions, Executive Producer Fees.

It sets a floor on contacts asking for help.

Kept the features as simple as possible and left the design raw.

Sponsorship is a shared resource whereby Peter gets access to the Neilson ratings and in turn Byron Media gets advertising space on the site.

Rules: Spend the least amount of money possible. Low investment by using WordPress + Constant Contact + Support.

Design and writing is simple

Personal identity is critical

No opinions unless its analysis base. His newsletter readers want the facts. Never writes specifically about people in the industry.

Practical Data & Analysis

No Press Releases

No Aggregation like “Top 10 Posts about …”

400 names 2 years ago now its up to 11K.

Find people who have an affinity for the content you are writing.

He goes to conferences, says he’ll speak for free in exchange for the list and contact info for attendees of the event.

Launched in 2010.




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